Spicy vinegar 'TokHang' promises to pack a punch

"Tokhang" usually refers to the Philippine National Police's illegal drugs operation, which has become infamous for its sometimes bloody outcomes.

But sometimes, "tokahang" can also mean an ingredient. Specifically, a new spicy condiment in the market that packs a punch called "TokHang".

Its creators coined the name by abbreviating their tagline, "Patok sa Anghang."

In an ad posted in its Facebook page, creator Randy Bardaje thought the name was catchy.

"Yung TokHang, kung tawagin nga nila, kasi patok sa anghang. Medyo catchy yung name pero yung lasa may kagat ng anghang at meron ring flavor," he explained.

The name was not the only reference to the present government. The product's logo also featured a fist reminiscent of President Rodrigo Duterte's fist bump gesture.

The TokHang line so far has two products under it: a hot sauce and a spicy vinegar. — Jessica Bartolome/DVM, GMA News

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